What does it mean to live

an infinite life

clearly our lives are finite

we’re born and we die there’s a

beginning middle and end

but life is infinite

we don’t get to choose if we’re players

in this infinite game of life the minute

we’re born

you’re a player we don’t even get to

choose the rules

life is an infinite game it will

continue with us or without us

the only choice we get is how we want to

play in this infinite game

do we want to play in the infinite game

of life with a finite mindset or do we

want to play in the infinite game

of life with an infinite mindset to play

with a finite mindset means we wake up

every single day

to advance ourselves get more promotions

make more money than our friends

accumulate more power than anybody else

and when we die

we take none of it with us

no one wants written on their tombstone

the last balance in their bank account

or the title on their last business card

we want to be remembered for the kind of

people we were how we served others

devoted mother loving father there’s a

great poem called the dash

that says on our tombstones it says the

day we were born and the day we died

but it’s really the dash that matters

it’s everything we do in between those


and if we choose to live the dash with

an infinite mindset

it means we show up every day to see

that those around us

will find happiness and joy in their

lives means those around us will learn

confidence those around us will do

courageous things because we were the

ones that stood by them and said i got

your back

to live an infinite mindset literally


that who we are our values our beliefs

will live on beyond our years that many

years from now i will meet someone who’s

doing remarkable things

and i will ask them how did you become

the person you are today and they will


your name you will literally

live on forever

this is what it means to live an

infinite life

it is just a choice