I tried to distill today for things that

I’m really thinking about that all of us

need to keep in mind as we position our

companies and our own careers for

success in the years ahead the first is

that every single one of us runs a media

company even if you think you don’t your

business is media you are a media

company every single person in this room

is a brand and we need to start thinking

that way in our businesses and managing

our own careers we have a new challenge

which is that there is unlimited content

out there so leaders today in this world

of digital transformation need to think

about creating scarcity instead of just

creating endless content we have to

think about our workplace culture

because what employees want today is

very different than what they wanted ten

years ago and it will be very different

ten years from now and so we have to

really think about how do we position

our workplaces to be places that can

handle the competition and finally I

think really one of the interesting

questions and ironic that I’m the one up

here saying this is that we have almost

grown too addicted to our devices and

leaders today need to help employees and

people around us draw positive

boundaries with technology and figure

out a tech life balance that works for

us and for our companies to thrive in

the long run so what do I mean by this

when I say that every single company is

a media company I want to take you to an

example that crossed my desk at Facebook

several years ago

redbull decided that they were going to

live broadcast a man free jumping

technically from outer space and they

were going to live broadcast it on their

Facebook page now a spoiler alert he

landed it was ok all good you guys

weren’t even worried about that come on

where’s the humanity No

and it was the most-watched livestream

event in history to that day

now one thing that was so interesting is

that I don’t think anyone had viewed

redbull as a media company until that

moment we all viewed redbull as a

consumer packaged goods that we take off

the shelf when we need to stay up late

and do a lot of work but redbull saw

themselves in those I mean those were

early days of social media they saw

themselves as a media company and they

saw themselves as an extreme sports

media company this live stream event

made almost every brand pick up their

head and say oh my goodness redbull is

creating content should we be creating

content now fast-forward to to today

when almost every single thing in our

lives that we touch is creating content

and media I don’t know how many people

have taken a spin on a peloton bike I

just got one and I love it

although I pedaled my heart out and it

told me that I had ranked 6,000 out of

six thousand and ten riders that was a

little demoralizing but I loved it but

on the peloton bike you can be in your

home biking and on the TV screen

attached to your bike you can be taking

a live class alongside of thousands of

people around the world with an

instructor who gives you shout outs and

calls out to you and so we live in a

world where even our exercise equipment

is being built as a media company from

the ground up we have car companies like

Audi that are partnering with media

content like escape rooms Audi is coming

here to Madrid and is going to be

building escape rooms it’s not enough to

just have a marketing campaign anymore

you have to really be thinking about how

do you create rich interactive content

and we’re starting to see a world where

brands global brands have so many people

who are inside their social media

accounts you have a brand like coca-cola

with 108 million people inside their

Facebook page it really makes me think

there are not that many television now

works in the world that have 108 million

people who watch will we live in a world

where you guys are buying ads inside of

Coca Cola’s Facebook page because that’s

where viewers are so again I think the

rules are completely being turned upside

down now coca-cola isn’t really thinking

about that yet they just released the

selfie bottle and when I saw this this

was the moment in my life when I felt

old because I don’t know about you guys

but I have never not once had the

experience of drinking something and

thinking I wish I was photographing

myself right now I have never had that

experience but maybe a lot of young

people are and so good good for

coca-cola for you know getting on that

trend but speaking of that a lot of

companies can take it a bit too far

whenever you know you have a trend

there’s always companies that are gonna

do interesting things and then companies

that take it a step too far

this is a a financial tech company that

created a bracelet where if you spend

more than your budget you get an

electric shock that’s right so I mean

let’s be real I think we all know a

person or two in our life that could

probably use that but you know for me

that’s where you know it kind of crosses

the line when a company wants to you

know that’s kind of a wrong kind of

media there I I think for the last few

years we’ve had a bit of a miss person

misconception about what kind of content

plays well with audiences I know for the

last few years all I’ve heard is keep it

short short short people don’t have a

long attention span they want short

things but that’s actually not what I’m

seeing I am seeing actually that the

trend is going towards consumers want

in-depth quality content they are ready

for long content if it’s good just to

illustrate this exam

as I’ve told you already I’m a huge fan

of Broadway of theater there are about

30 shows that play on Broadway at the

same time and two of those shows right

now are more than seven hours long

both of these shows that I have Harry

Potter and Angels in America you cannot

even see them in one night you have to

go on two back-to-back nights so you buy

tickets for a Thursday and a Friday

night or a Saturday and a Sunday if you

had told me two or three years ago that

anyone in this age of short attention

spans would voluntarily buy tickets on

two back-to-back nights to see a seven

hour show I would have laughed at you

but there’s two of them and they’re sold

out every single performance so this to

me just illustrates a small pocket of

the fact that our audiences are ready

for long quality content and deep

thought leadership from experts like you

guys we also have really seen a change

in who is influential gone are the days

of hiring one mega celebrity to send out

a message about our brand we now live in

a world where you have hundreds or

thousands of passionate micro

influencers inside communities who can

be almost a marketing army for all of us

the last thing I want to say on the

media front is that if you’re not doing

something with audio right now you

should be right away I think audio is

really the last frontier where audiences

you can still have their undivided

attention they’re not doing something

else at the same time they’re in their

ear there’s an intimacy to audio and so

we’ve seen in the past few years a huge

explosion in podcasts and radio shows if

this is not a medium that you’re

currently playing with I think we’re

just going to continue to see a huge

explosion in audio and I would start

doing something in that field right away.