I think that

in many parts of the world the

unemployment numbers

are are shockingly low and

and so you know we learned that people

we want them to come

and vote with their hands meaning

they do the work we ask them to do we

want them to vote with their mind we


give their intellectual capacity but we

also want them to vote with their

hearts to give their passion because if

we don’t

then they’ll vote with their feet

meaning they’ll leave they’ll go


else and so when you’re recruiting

talent i think it’s important that you


what their objectives are that they

understand what your objectives

are that you look for people who align

with what your mission is and and

particularly with the values

of the organization we know that people

in today’s world

particularly this new generation that’s

coming into the workforce they want

meaning they want purpose and they want


and so as you’re recruiting that you

need to look for that and then provide


as a key retention tool.