So working together works it’s always

worked for me all those airplane

programs it’s always work and then I was

we we Boeing bought McDonnell Douglas

and Rockwell and they asked me to

integrate these three great companies

worldwide and this is all I had this all

I know so I took my little piece of

paper and I introduced to all of these

competitors that didn’t really like each

other because if one won a contract

other one thought they cheated or lied

and so I was having a hard time getting

maintain eye-contact let alone work

together so we talked about and talked

about it and started the business plan

review and almost a year and a half

later dr. perry was the secretary of

defense at the time said it was a finest

integration job that he had ever seen

because we had three of everything

helicopters fighters bombers the Space

Shuttle the space station satellites the

launch vehicles and created this

fantastic aerospace company so it it


working together worked again so then

they asked me to come back to Commercial

Airplanes and and then the terrorists

attacked happened in 9/11 and as an

airplane designer

I never thought ever that a commercial

airplane would be used as a weapon ever

we never designed an airplane I remember

I was for that member I was in Sapporo I

was watching the TV around maybe 10

o’clock at night

and and they didn’t have CNN and so I

was watching in Japanese and I thought

it was like a light airplane hit it it

hit a building and then I got up closer

to it and I realized they were Boeing

airplanes and I recognized that there

one of them was a 767 and it changed our

lives completely changed our lives in

every possible way and airplane design

that clearly so we went from over 600

airplanes until the next year after the

Travel decreased so much deliverin maybe

240 airplanes I don’t know of another

company that have their throughput go

down by that much and they would survive

as a company so we used our same working

together principles and practices and

and we not only save Boeing but we also

invested during the toughest of time

in the triple7 and came out the other

side with even a better product line to

support all of our customers and you

around the world.