the end of the american age okay you’re

gonna see the rise and rise of china

the rise and rise and rise and rise and

rise and rise and rise of china

russia is getting braver and braver

because everybody in europe is looking

at their navels

and talking to themselves they are in

the echo chamber

and nothing’s going to get better in

iran the middle east career and india

pakistan right

the political outlook out there is



the internet is under attack no privacy

no responsibility i work with youtube

and we

are really have some tough questions to


so does facebook so does google

government intervention is vital

the middle class in most developed


is just outraged because they’ve been


because you either have to be lesbian


70 young maybe all of the above

and black or white or yellow or pink i

don’t know

or short or tall what you can’t be is


middle class so they’re getting so

they’re now

joining the nationalists or the populist

putin is loving all this

stirring stirring stirring job


is the main threat facing all of us

how are we going to create jobs in a

vuca world where technology is rising

because if you don’t create jobs you

have social unrest

you have terrorism you have drugs you

have crime

you have urban paris

socially stuff okay what else is

happening economically you’re going to


more disruption from fang facebook

amazon apple netflix

google they’re going to keep going going

going going right

they’re not going to slow down the

amount of money

available for new venture funding is


immense and that’ll keep pouring in

so you’re going to have billion dollar

startups now

which are are crazy they’re all

destroying jobs

and technology investment

entrepreneurship is accelerating faster


our companies and our business you agree

with this or not really

yes or no good fun huh

this is a time for crazies hands up

anybody who’s crazy

come on that’s better

your hr people are not here

look at the second point on here fifty

percent of tasks

you currently do could be automated


today it’s terrifying okay

what else are we looking at

we are in the fourth industrial


okay first industrial evolution water

steam then we had electric then digital

we are now digital now no longer

exists if you’re 21 years old

doesn’t matter my grandkids i have eight

at the moment eight grandkids they don’t

even know the word digital

they don’t understand how a tv screen

you can’t just touch it and and

neither do yours right it’s they don’t

get it

there is a complete blurring

everything’s digital nothing’s digital

everything’s physical nothing’s physical

so we’re in the fourth industrial


right you know all that kind of stuff

the workforce will have to

change its skill set to keep pace we

are the workforce and our skills that we


three years ago will not help us

win the skills we have learned

and practiced will not take us to the

next level

will they.