Behavior is how we do what we do

there’s hundreds of behaviors that are

out there literally hundreds

from the hundreds we’ve identified the

highest leveraged behaviors

to help people grow trust from the

hundreds there’s 13.

they will build trust faster they will

destroy trust faster

they’re disproportionate they’re high

leverage it’s like the pareto 80 20 rule

build it faster destroy it faster and

the first five

flew out of our character behaviors of


talk straight by the way all the

behaviors are phrased in two word


for simplicity and clarity talk straight

demonstrate respect create

transparency right wrongs you make it

right when you’re wrong

show loyalty meaning this you speak

about people as if they were present

versus sweet talking in their face and

then bad mouthing behind their back

so let me go to the next five the next

five flow out of our competence

so this is six through ten deliver


you deliver you perform get better what

we’re doing today we continuously

improve to build capabilities

confront reality we take things head on

even the tough things

clarify expectations we’re deliberate

we’re explicit it’s two-way it’s up


practice accountability let’s look at

the last three

the last three flow out of both our

character and our competence in equal


so number 11 listen first the opposite

you listen last

the counterfeit is when you listen but

you don’t understand

number 12 keep commitments the opposite

you break commitments the counterfeit

was when you over promise

and then under deliver and number 13

extend trust we start with that we end

with that

this is so vital to leadership in fact

i’ll put it this way

the very first job of a leader your

first job is to inspire trust and your

second job

is to extend it.